Oh New York.  We love you, but you're insane. 

Forbes has released the annual list of the 500 most expensive zip codes in the country, and within the top 10....New York City is home to five of them.

As reported by Curbed NY, it should come as no surprise that the Upper East Side holds three of the priciest zip codes in NYC.  So, where is the priciest?  Drum roll please.

The zip code, 10075, is pretty high up on their list. This area is primarily the East 70s in that neighborhood. 

Within this area, the median price for a home is $7.2 million, which has led this zip code to bump up from #98 on the list just last year, to #2 this year.   


Shortly after 10075, comes 10065 and 10028 which cover the Lenox Hill area and most of the East 80s. The median price for both of these zip codes are  between 6.3 million and 7 million dollars. 

The city's most expensive home sits pretty at the Upper East Side address of 834 Fifth Avenue.  The home wears pretty price tag of $96 million, down from it's original price of $120 million.

*decides whether or not we're financially stable enough for chipotle for lunch...*


Well, now let us hop on the Downtown 6 Train towards Soho.  Here we'll find the rest of these zip codes.  10012 includes parts of Greenwich Village, Soho, and Nolita.  Last year we saw this zip code way higher on the list, but now it sits at #7 with the median price being 6.3 million dollars.


Coming in at #10 is 10014, home of the West Village and parts of Greenwich.  The median price for this zip code is 5.8 million dollars...Wow.

Well this was depressing!

[via Curbed NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Movoto]