Welp, things aren't looking good for the bar carts and commissary counters at Grand Central Terminal.

According to union reps, MTA just furloughed the employees who used to run the beloved Metro-North carts and counters, as the ongoing investigation into the beer operation's finances continues.

The 18 trackside bar carts and 2 snack stands have been closed since December, when auditors began to look through the books of the cash only carts.

About 30 furloughed commissary workers were informed by MTA management last week that they would receive $55 a week in railroad unemployment, and that the commissary operation would be discontinued.

MTA has said they will reassign the workers, but no one has received a new position as of yet.

In terms of the investigation, local Transport Workers Union leader John Feltz denies rumors that money has gone missing.

Meanwhile, commuters miss the convenience of trackside cold beer served with a smile, and two circulating petitions for the MTA to bring them back have accumulated over 500 signatures.


Several eateries in the terminal still serve beer, but it's just not the same. Here's hoping that the issue is resolved, and that the furloughed workers are fairly compensated and reassigned ASAP.


At least MTA is staying on brand with the whole being horrible thing.

[Feature Image Courtesy CT Post] [via Gothamist]