Port Authority continues to be an easy scapegoat for that never-ending tourist inquiry, “Why are people in New York so mean?”

Of course, Port Authority is its own unique hell hole, and does nobody favors in all of its natural horror. 

But lo and behold, that could change.

Gothamist reported that everybody’s favorite circle of Hell is scheduled to get a lil’ touch-up. Ten billion dollars’ worth of a touch-up.

The Port Authority’s put out pics of their five fav designs, so it’s like seeing the final five on your favorite reality show. Sure, their names are about as thrilling as raw toast, but who cares what’s in a name?

That’s rhetorical. Don’t answer that. Just look at these dope designs, and remember that this ain’t American Idol. You can’t vote for your favorite.

Still, you can check out the designs at the websites below.


Arcadis of New York Incorporated


Archilier Architecture Consortium


Hudson Terminal Center Collaborative


Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects


Perkins Eastman

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy PABTCompetition.com]