April Fool's day is a great excuse for a lot of things: plastic wrap on the toilet seat, very disconcerting voicemails, pregnancy scares (or even announcements), and even free tickets to Broadway's Hamilton.

But when you start messing with porn, you're taking it to a new level of savage genius. 

And that's exactly where PornHub took it this morning, recommending exclusively corn-themed videos beginning at the top of the morning.

Yes, the pun we always wanted was briefly realized this morning when PornHub turned to CornHub. 

While we're mildly intrigued with the prospects of "Slob on the Cob," overall we're either weirded out, or laughing uncontrollably. 

Like, it's corn! That sh*t's hilarious!

Check out the gallery below of all original porn/corn humor via the staff at PornHub.


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[via Bar Stool Sports] [Feature Image Courtesy MatiaStaNea]