Logically speaking, this makes sense. Supply and demand, etc. etc. 

But still, is it really possible for pork belly prices to increase due to bacon consumption? 

Absolutely. According to the Wall Street Journal, America's love for bacon is sending pork prices through the roof. 

Putting all this into numbers,  prices for the pork meat that makes bacon have risen about 80% this year so far. 

But why exactly is this? 

Well, bacon can go on nearly everything if millennials set their minds to it.

From bacon maple donuts, to bacon garnishes in Bloody Mary drinks, to bacon on avocado toast, this generation is LOVING bacon in any way they can get it. 


And that doesn't even include the prevalence of bacon in the fine cuisine scene. Whether you're at Wendy's or a five-star restaurant, you can most likely enjoy bacon with your meal.

So with that, enjoy your bacon, NYC! And everyone knows pork belly is just yummier (okay, also fattier) bacon. 


But keep an eye out for increased prices. Sooner or later, bacon might be just as much extra as guac. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Brooklyn Based] [via Gothamist] 

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