Well, the forgotten borough just can't get any love. 

According to the NY1, Staten Island is the borough that people are desperate to avoid, growing at a significantly slower pace than the other five boroughs. 

Even though the population of New York City is higher than ever (more than 8.5 million), not many new residents are attracted to Staten Island.

Over the past five years, NYC has gained an additional 375,000 people, with 55,211 people arriving since last July. 

Of those 55,211, only 1,257 people ended up residing in Staten Island, according to the US Census Bureau. 

So which borough saw the largest growth? Queens' population added an additional 16,700 people, surpassing Brooklyn who only gained 16,015 people. 

Maybe the hipsters aren't about that BK life after all... or maybe people just really can't stand to live near the hipsters. Who knows? We don't. 


The Bronx grew substantially, adding another 13,687 residents. 

Apparently, Manhattan is just too expensive to live in, only gaining 7,552 new residents since last July, yet it's still more desirable than Staten Island


Chairman of the city's Planning Commission Carl Weisbrod told NY1, "[it] shows that we're a place that people want to be, want to come, want to stay, want to grow a family." 

Regardless, this city is a lot more crowded than it used to be. 

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[via NY1] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]