This is a great comeback story that will leave you inspired and hungry.

We love Pommes Frites. There isn't much else to express except our deep love for their golden fries with their delectably simple and complex sauces. Everything about them screams authentic, genuine and humble.

The iconic East Village spot suffered a huge tragedy last year when the eatery was destroyed due to a explosion that was caused by gas line tampering in the building next door.

Now, a year later, Pommes Frites is back in a new location but with the same old heart that we all know and love.

The explosion killed two, injured 19 and left a trail of destruction to neighboring buildings and apartments. 

Five were arrested for manslaughter and negligent homicide. This has weighed heavy on the mind of Suzanne Levinson, owner of Pomme Frites.

Levinson has been a beacon of determination and drive. She was quoted with saying, "The day that the building collapsed, I did not mourn the loss of my business. I haven’t mourned the loss of my business for one day. It’s just a business."


She rather focuses on the two young men that lost their lives in the tragedy and wishes to quietly reopen the famous spot that is adored by so many.

We recently spoke with the band Public Access T.V. who was also affected by the explosion last year leaving them homeless and now they are playing at Governors Ball a year later.


If there is one lesson to be taken from these stories is that New Yorkers turn tragedy to triumph. That nothing will break our spirit and that we will always continue to shine brightly even on the darkest days.

Although your spirit has never left, welcome back, Pommes Frites. We cannot wait to hold one of your paper cones filled with golden deliciousness after a night of making memories. Check out their new spot at 128 Macdougal Street.

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[via The New York Times ] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]