We're gonna assume you noticed that last weekend, New York City experienced its first snowfall of the season.

While we're as stoked as anyone about the prospect of a white Christmas, it might still be too early to tell.

Early signs have us cautiously optimistic, such as the polar vortex that is sweeping through Manhattan this week.

Starting today, December 13th, temperatures should be dropping 10 to 20 degrees below their norm, according to the NY Post.

In case you haven't sat in a science classroom in 10 years like a few of us, a polar vortex is a chilly mass of air that sits over the polar regions that can push south through North America during the winter months.

Senior Accuweather meteorologist, Tom Kines, rules out a "big snowstorm" unfortunately (does anyone not turn into a 10-year-old again at the prospect of a snowstorm?), but we might get some flurries through Friday.

Kines also notes that if it was later in the season, say January or February, the weather would be much more frigid. Think early 2016. Brrr.


So apparently temperatures will remain at a don't-forget-your-hat-if-you-want-to-keep-your-ears level until next weekend, but will level out by the holidays.


But hey, who knows what could happen? Here's hoping.

[via NYPost] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]