We’ve become somewhat of a DIY generation, and like to have the ability to make our own meals even when we’re not at home.

It’s why we have restaurants like Chipotle and Just Salad. But do you ever crave something in between the two? 

Bring in the poke.

PokéSpot, a fast casual eatery dedicated to Hawaiian dishes, is opening just south of Union Square today.

Just like Chipotle, you can pick your base, proteins, and toppings. 

But unlike other eateries, you can choose from a menu of a burrito, “zoodles”, snow crab, crab guacamole, Sriracha aioli, and many more.

They also offer some signature specials, including a dish called Miso Spicy (take a second to read that again) and something called an Avocado Boat, where your food is the bowl.


You can pair that with one of their snack options, like crab guacamole with chips, or go for some wine or beer instead. Who are we kidding, we’re getting both.

https://www.facebook.com/thepokespotny/photos/a.1627760184203657.1073741827.1613031315676544/1632099677103041/" data-width="500" data-show-text="false">

Check out their site and menu here

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Facebook]