If you're like the majority 80% of the population, you probably spent this weekend playing Pokemon Go.

And if you weren't, then you're seriously missing out.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game in which players create their own avatar and have to explore their neighborhood in order to catch more Pokemon.

While the game isn't social in nature, armed robbers still found a way to use the game to lure unsuspecting teens to an abandoned parking lot.

The O'Fallon Police Department in Missouri received a call at approximately 2 a.m this past Sunday that there had been an armed robbery at a local shopping center.

The victims were unharmed, but many of their personal items were stolen by four armed robbers in a black BMW.

According to the statements from the 11 victims, all of which were between the ages of 16-18, they were lured to the abandoned parking lot via the Pokemon Go app.

The robbers must have downloaded the game and located the appropriately empty shopping center parking lot. The parking lot was a Pokestop, landmarks where players can go to collect items such as Pokeballs, incense, and eggs that will one day hatch into new Pokemon.

Players can drop particular items at Pokestops to lure wild Pokemon to that area. 

Of course, when this is done, it also attracts several players to that Pokestop, as they all want in on the wild and free Pokemon that are wandering about in the area.

It's believed that this is how the robbers went about luring players to this abandoned parking lot at such an odd hour of the night, despite not knowing the actual locations of the players.

Thus, 11 teens went in search of this prime Pokestop, only to be robbed at gun point by four individuals in a BMW.  


Thankfully, the four armed robbers were later caught, the O'Fallon Police Department confirmed in a Facebook post.

This is the largest scale robbery that has occurred because of the game, but is certainly not the first.

Since the game launched on Thursday there have been several phone robberies, as well as car accidents, as a result of the game. 

One teen even found a dead body while playing the game. Talk about creepy...  

Sure, Pokemon Go is mostly fun (lots of fun) and games, but we all need to remember to keep an eye out while we're out trying to be the very best.

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[via Vice] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]