Time to drink like a Goldeen.

If you aren't playing Pokemon Go, then you're missing out. The game has become an overnight phenomenon and it doesn't look like they are slowing down anytime soon.

So far, we've seen rappers challenging trainers to remix their freestyles about the game, people using the game to commit robberies, and still no damn Pikachus. Although the game is still fairly new, we may have found the greatest related event for it so far.

Jeff Ramos, an Engagement Editor at Polygon, has created the first (of what we hope will be many) Pokemon Go bar crawl in Brooklyn.

The idea came to Ramos when he saw the quick impact the game had on people. Trainers of all shapes, sizes and ages are out and about looking for what we can only assume are Pikachus. We will get you soon you adorable mouse.

From there, Ramos figured the best way to bring potential Pokemon Masters together was by sharing a pint and by simply getting to know one and another.

The Pokemon Go bar crawl is set to happen on July 23rd and starts at Spritzenhaus, which is near a park so you can stock up on Bellsprouts. 

From there, the crawl goes down Manhattan Avenue and continues to Transmitter Park. There will be plenty of Pokemon to catch, gyms to challenge and drinks to drink on this unique crawl.


You can find out more about this wild event here.

Need those flying Pokemon and still want to get your buzz on? Why not try this Rooftop Bar map we got.

So, it looks like this craze isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Pokemon has been around for two decades and it's dominated our Game Boys, televisions and now our phones.

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