Pokémon Go has taken over the phones of our youth, and, well, most of our adults. We're not even surprised. In fact, we f*cking love it.

The most frustrating part of the game, other than not having the ever-helpful Pokevision to actually find where a Pokemon's straight chillin' anymore, is having to swipe up to throw those Poké Balls mid walk.

Wish there was a way to make your gaming life easier?

A man named Jon Cleaver has solved our problems with his new 3D printable Pokeball Aimer iPhone case.

Basically the case helps center your shaky fingers in a straight line up to the Pokeball’s aim (hence the name of the case), and helps you avoid frustrating misses and runaway Pokémon.

While the case is not yet available in stores, according to Thrillist, Cleaver has posted all the details you need to be able to 3D print one on your own. 


On the off-chance that you don’t have a 3D printer sitting around somewhere in your house, Cleaver is also selling some cases on Etsy.

Maybe he’ll even be able to help out us Android users with a special Etsy request?


Another Pokémon helper made its debut not too long ago. 

It’s known as the Pokédrone, and it’s here to help you get to Pokémon in remote or hazardous places.

TRNDlabs came out with the idea, which features auto takeoff and landing, and can hover in place. 

The miniature drone wirelessly connects to your smartphone while your app accesses the Pokédrone’s GPS and camera to navigate its way to your capture.

You can check for availability on that here. What a time... to be alive... catching Pokemon. 

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