New Year, New Tunes: What We're Listening to This Weekend

With New Year's Eve right around the corner, New York City is gearing up for a variety of New Year's runs at some of our most impressive venues like Madison Square Garden, Playstation Theater, and Terminal 5.

At the same time, the music world is mourning the loss of British music icon, Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister. While he's best known for starting Motörhead and being the ultimate badass, Lemmy's spell in Hawkwind saw some of his most interesting bass playing.

So we're running down a list of tracks on our radar this week: new releases, a requiem, and some of the sounds of NYE in NYC. It's "What We're Listening to This Weekend."

This week we're featuring a "Christmas Miracle" from the Weeknd & Future, New Year's Eve fare from Phish, the Disco Biscuits, and Gogol Bordello, some love from Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM, as well as the 007: Spectre theme by Radiohead that's incredible.

We're not ranking here. These are listed alphabetically because someone's into all of it. Slap on some headphones and turn it up.

1. The Disco Biscuits - "NYE Countdown Medley 2009"

This is probably the most killer countdown medley the Biscuits have ever done in their history of NYC New Year's Eve runs. It comes from their 2009 show at what used to be called the Nokia Theater, now known as Playstation Theater. 


The Disco Biscuits' New Year's runs are some of the biggest shows they play all year. In the past, Biscuits NYE has been one of the only consistent sets of shows Biscuit heads can rely on-- besides the band's festival, Camp Bisco. This year, we're happy to have both! Grab your Biscuits NYE tickets here.

2. Future & The Weeknd - "Low Life"

This is one of two tracks released just before Christmas. You can find the other one, a Weeknd remix of the Jeremih track "Pass Dat," right here.

"Low Life" was produced by Metro Boomin & Ben Billions, co-produced by The Weeknd.

It's laid back with a wide scope. Like much of the rest of The Weeknd's material, it demonstrates a depth of emotion without creeping into the realm of corny all while remaining danceable or good for sexy time.

3. DOOMSTARKS (Ghostface Killah & MF DOOM) - "Lively Hood"

The first DOOMSTARKS track from one of the most anticipated and mysterious hip-hop albums came out back in September as part of an Adult Swim singles compilation. 

It bangs. The beat sounds like your usual DOOM fare, featuring an ominous melody juxtaposed against cartoonish strings. 


Ghostface's and DOOM's flows are exactly what you'd expect: filthy. As expected, Ghostface's delivery is straightforward and dirty, while DOOM's involves more somersaults of consonant syllables. 

Thankfully, the world should be in store for the DOOMSTARKS release in February 2016. According to Ghostface in a recent interview, DOOM's had the material for ages and is finally ready-- or close to ready --to release it all. Here's to hoping that's not simply speculation.

4. Gogol Bordello - "Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher)"

Gypsy punks Gogol Bordello may hail from all around the world, but they've settled into the NYC music scene. 

Their New Year's Eve shows at Terminal 5 have become a staple for punk and rock and roll fans around the City, as well as people new to the music but looking for a helluva party. Check out their "Immigraniada" from NYE 2013 above.

You can grab NYE tickets here


5. Hawkwind - "Born to Go"

Most people think of Motörhead when they think of Lemmy Kilmister, but he was first hired as a bassist for the psychedelic hard rock band Hawkwind way back in the early 70s after a stint as a roadie for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. 


He didn't yet know how to play bass, but he picked it up quickly. Any Motörhead fan can clearly hear the seeds of his signature style developing during his time with Hawkwind. 

Later, he was fired from the band for "using the wrong drugs," but would go on to start one of the most killer groups of all time and epitomize "badass" for decades to come. 

6. Phish - "Reba" (Live at MSG - NYE 2013)

Phish is one of the biggest bands ever to hit the stage anywhere in the world. Picking up where the Grateful Dead left off, Phish has developed the reputation of being the highest grossing touring band ever in history, and it's all due to their incredibly dedicated fan base spanning generations.

Their NYE shows at Madison Square Garden are some of their most highly publicized concerts each year, and have been a consistent fixture at MSG  with the notable exception of 2014 when MSG booked Diplo and Skrillex to their own chagrin. 

The above video is from Phish's 30th anniversary NYE show at the Garden when they performed the second set atop a truck in the middle of MSG emblazoned with their JEMP Records imprint. 

For the gag recalling their 30th, the Phish band from Vermont played with hockey stick mic stands as they did at their very first gig. They also used their vintage equipment including their lighting rig. Check out the details here, and if you need a Phish miracle ticket... look no further.

7. Radiohead - "Spectre"

The biggest news about the latest Bond movie, Spectre, was probably how terrible the theme song was-- and it's not the first time they've had theme troubles. 

The Quantum of Solace theme was surprisingly horrible-- even more surprising is that it was by Alicia Keys and Jack White, two seriously gifted musicians. 


Sam Smith though, who made the Spectre theme actually featured in the film, also deserves a number of lashings with a wet noodle for making everyone suffer through his ridiculously bad "Writings on the Wall." 

The important part in all of this is that Radiohead's rejected theme is infinitely better than most Bond themes in recent memory (save for Adele's "Skyfall" because, well, it's one of the better themes for one of the better Bond movies in the franchise). Let's not even touch Madonna's Die Another Day theme...

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