It was back in 2004 that Cady Heron, the Plastics and Glen Coco graced all of our lives. Means Girls is just one of those movies you can never get tired of or forget. 

Last year, Playbill's announcement–on Oct. 3–no less–both hyped and disappointed New York fans and Plastics-hopefuls: Mean Girls is hitting the stage as a musical. However, it will debut in Washington, D.C. this fall. Boo, you wh*re!

But, according to Gothamist, our bestie, Tina Fey, has not forsaken her beloved New York fans. Last night, the co-writer of the hit masterpiece announced on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show that the Mean Girls the Musical will definitely be coming to the Great White Way.

According to Tina Fey, the musical is "moving along" and "a real thing now" for its National Theatre debut. It's currently in it's first month of rehearsals with a list of super talented teen performers.

Fey praised the young cast saying, "These kids are so talented. They're just a bunch of young Timberlakes! Everyone can do everything!"

Well, they better be if they want to pull off Kevin G's excellent rap and the Plastics' hot Jingle Bell Rock  performance.

Playbill reported this week that the musical is prepping for a March 2018 Broadway debut. The Equity casting notice also announced that rehearsals will begin on Feb. 12, 2018. So Broadway babies, send out your head-shots to the casting directors now if you want to snag a spot as the next Regina George or Gretchen Weiners.


You're going to really have to impress these guys to make fetch happen.

Fey has written the musical's book, with music by her husband Jeff Richmond and lyrics by Nell Benjamin. He's the lyricist who helped bring the hit Legally Blonde to the stage. 

As you try to wait patiently for Regina George to ruin your life, you can watch the movie about 100 million times more before the wonderful new musical premieres in NYC. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Hollywood Reporter] [via The Gothamist]