You ready to deal with this election yet, New York City? There is gonna be a lot of baby holdin', sleeves rollin' up, and, of course, eating. 

You can expect the candidates being shown at diners and famous hometown joints all around the country in the upcoming months but it seems we have already gotten our first taste of this tacky tradition.

Governor Mike Pence is already making a poor impression on NYC voters by going to Chili's shortly after being named Donald Trump's running mate.

Before flying home, Pence and his family had a few hours in the Big Apple and decided to spend it wisely by eating at a chain restaurant. 

So, why didn't Trump, who was born in NYC, recommend a better place for Pence?  

We like to think that he did actually give his newly appointed VP some classic NYC recs, and they went something like this.

1. Guy's American Kitchen & Bar

guysamerican The best Happy Hour in Times Square starts at 3:00. $6 Drink and Appetizer specials. #happyhour #humpday #besthappyhour #timessquare #flavortown #guysamerican #guyfieri #food #craftbeer #rockingtunes #nycdrinks #nyceats #pregame

Mike Pence, you could have been another resident of Flavor Town! While it doesn't seem like Flavor Town needs another resident, considering it can already seat 500, you and your family could have enjoyed eating at this monstrous Times Square restaurant.


If you went there you could of gotten some yuuuuuge ice cream, and the satisfaction of eating with people who probably also come from Indiana.

2. Olive Garden

oscarvaquero #olivegardennyc

Nothing like a genuine Italian NYC restaurant!

Where else are you going to find Italian cookin' like this in this city?! You could find this lovely restaurant in Times Square as well. Startin' to see a theme here? Times Square is the best place ever, Governor!

3. Famous Original Ray's Pizza

spacioterreno Back home first meal. #nyc #pizza #rays

What's New York City without some pizza, am I right? 

This place is famous and original. What other place can possibly boast that? Nothing like a slice of pizza to reinvigorate your soul! Now, Governor Pence, you're gonna wanna eat this with a fork and knife so you don't look silly.

4. Any hot dog stand

amberdenoinspired I waited 6 years to have one of these again! 😍🌭🗽🙌🏼 #soworthit #nychotdog #timesquare

You're gonna wanna try the best quintessential foods of this city, so that means you gotta try a dog. Just go down the block to any ol' street vendor and pick yourself up a hot dog.


Don't forget! You're just gonna wanna use ketchup and mustard. Nothing else. It's fine with just ketchup and mustard!

5. Trump Tower

Lookin' for Hispanic food? Look no further than Trump Tower, Governor! This place has got the best taco bowls in the whoooole city! No question about it! Sure, Chili's is good, but this place is better!

So, now you know, Governor Pence. Hope you liked your stay in this city and be sure to try these other places when you're in town again because nothing says NYC like these places!

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[Feature Image Courtesy Twitter]