Breathtaking Sights: 6 Absolute Best Places to Catch NYC's Springtime Beauty in Full Bloom

Do you feel that, New Yorkers? It's the warm breeze of an oncoming spring. 

We're about to "spring ahead" this weekend, which is pretty much the official indication that our allergies are about to become a problem. 

However, we'll take the watery eyes and sniffles, because New York City in the springtime is absolutely breathtaking. 

The juxtaposition of the concrete jungle speckled with beautiful blooming trees and colorful flowers is a sight to behold. 

So where should you go if you want to take in some of the most beautiful slivers of nature in our big city?

Check out 6 of the absolute best places to catch NYC's Springtime beauty in full bloom. 

1. Central Park

Yea, we know this is basically the most over-recommended, common sense place to check out nature, but no definitive list of best places to check out natural beauty in our city would be complete without Central Park. 

There's a reason why it's beloved by tourists, politicians, and natives alike: it's beautiful. It's a pretty massive piece of land that allows New Yorkers a small escape from the monotony of the concrete jungle. 


No matter where you trek through Central Park, you're sure to find an abundance of blooms in various stages as the weather continues to warm. 

2. Prospect Park


Prospect Park is one of our absolute favorite places to go in the city. Between the waterfalls, the open spaces for activities, and the beautiful blooming flowers, it's just a gorgeous portion of our city. 

Since you're basically looking for a reason to get to Prospect Park before Smorgasburg starts up again, head there to check out the incredible sliver of nature. Make sure to bring along a picnic, some games, and some friends. 

3. Wave Hill 


Get yourself up to the Bronx and check out the spring bloom at Wave Hill. It's a 28-acre public garden surrounding a mansion that was once a summer home rented by Theodore Roosevelt's family when he was merely a teenager. 


Today, it's a city-owned institution blooming with beautiful flowers that will delight any horticulture enthusiast. 


4. Swindler Cove at Sherman Creek Park 

Sometimes we really hate the way our city uses our tax dollars, but not when it comes to the restoration of parks. One of our favorite spots the City went to restoring is Swindler Cove. 


Though it was once an illegal dumping site, it is now an area filled with greenery, florals, and even a freshwater pond. It's the perfect place to take in some early spring nature in NYC.

5. 6BC Botanical Gardens

This hidden little garden is a treat in the Lower East Side. It's on 6th street between Avenues B and C, which explains the name. The garden is perfect for anyone looking to take in a little natural beauty on their lunch break, but can't trek to a park. 

Though the garden isn't very large, its location makes it a must for any Manhattanite to visit this spring. 

6. Riverside Park


What's more beautiful than checking out the blooming flowers while on a run or bike along the Hudson River during the sunset? There isn't much. 


Plus, considering the clocks will spring ahead an hour this weekend, you'll have even more time after work to check out the beautiful buds. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Vivienne Gucwa/Instagram] 

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