Encased You Never Tasted 'Em: 7 Best Places for the Most Delicious Empanadas in NYC

Oh, empanadas... what can we say about these delightful little bundles of joy?

A few things. First, empanadas are bangin'. Second, they're like the perfect lunch. They're doughy crisps packed with delight that don't sit too heavy on the stomach as long as you're doing it right. 

Third? New York City is chock full of amazing empanadas so finding them is no hard task for any New Yorker. 

Empanadas can range from buttery and savory to sweet and chocolatey - essentially making them appropriate for any time of day or night. 

Check out the list below for the 7 best empanada spots in NYC.

1. Empanadas, Son! (174 Delancey Street)


This Lower East Side joint offers tons of tasty empanadas, and at a really affordable price (you can get 1 "Old School" empanada for just $3!).

They also have some delightful dessert empanadas, including Apple Pie & S'mores. 


Aside from their delightful concoctions, the interior walls of the restaurant are also decorated with some really cool graffiti-style art, which makes for a super unique experience. 

We'd highly recommend the Old School Pollo. It's insane. 

2. The Empanada Lady (13th Street & 5th Avenue - Brooklyn)


If you're looking for an authentic NYC food experience, look no further than The Empanada Lady.

She usually sets up shop on the corner of 13th Street & 5th Avenue in Brooklyn and is known and loved by the neighborhood locals. 

There's no big sign above her cart or even much information available about her business online; she mostly relies on word of mouth from customers.

The chicken and the cheese empanadas come highly recommended. They're dope. Make sure to swing by the next time you're in Park Slope.

3. Empanada Mama (95 Allen Street)

This 24-hour empanada shop is perfect for those late nights on your way home from the bar. 

They offer an extensive menu, ranging from several varieties of empanadas to their famous plaintain chips with guacamole.

Sadly, their Hell's Kitchen location is no longer in existence, but the Lower East Side location is still going strong. Make sure to try "The Viagra" - a delicious seafood empanada filled with shrimp, scallops, and crab meat. YUM.

4. Empanada Loca (605 5th Avenue - Brooklyn)


Stop by this shop if you want to try some authentic South American cuisine.

Empanada Loca's head chef, Rosa, hails from Columbia and is the mastermind behind all of the delicious recipes they have to offer. 

But the sauces are what make the dishes especially amazing - try out the "Salsa Verde Loca" if you want to be super blown away. 


5. Coppelia (207 West 14th Street)

This 24-hour Cuban diner serves a wide variety of Latin cuisine, and also features an all-day breakfast menu (YAS), making it a fantastic brunch spot. 

Their oxtail empanada is the star of the menu- it's served topped with crema fresca, cojita cheese and pico de gallo.

6. Arepas Cafe (33-07 36th Avenue - Queens)


Who ever said there was nothing to do in Queens? They're dumb. You shouldn't listen to people like that. They're confused. 

This traditional Venezuelan restaurant is famous for their green sauce which, luckily, you can buy a bottle of when you pay them a visit. 

Aside from their delicious fried empanadas, the super friendly service and sensible portion sizes make for a delightul dining experience.

7. Sophie's Cuban Cuisine (73 New Street)


This place serves an array of traditional Cuban food with, once again, green sauce as the star. 

It pairs especially well with their empanadas, which are extra fried and crispy, making for a perfect hangover cure. 

Sophie's is an ideal lunch spot, but tends to get busiest between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., so make sure to plan accordingly. #worthitforthegreensauce

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