Because It's More Than Just Wings: 8 Best Places for Buffalo Chicken in NYC

Are you as obsessed with buffalo chicken as we are? Do you, like us, crave that tangy, succulent, tasty yet fiery sauce like we do?

We knew you would. If you're as buffalo chicken obsessed as we are, you know what it's like to crave it. You won't be able to enjoy any other food until you get it.

Whether your buffalo chicken is in the form of wings, wraps, pizza, or sandwiches, it gets in your life and changes it forever.

Whether you like it spicy or mild, covered in blue cheese and plain, we buffalo chicken lovers need to band together as a community. We need to hit all the best places offering all the best buffalo chicken in NYC.

Luckily, we're seasoned veterans in buffalo chicken obsession, and we know where all those spots are. Read on to find out.

1. Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese from S'Mac (various locations)


If they serve food in heaven, we're guessing the first meal they hand out is the gooey, cheesy, tangy and fiery buffalo chicken mac and cheese at S'Mac.

They've got two locations, one in Murray Hill and one in the East Village, and if you haven't yet been, you need to run, not walk there now. Like, now.


The sauce is its own variety of sauce. It packs the kind of buffalo kick that hurts so good that every buffalo lover gets addicted to. There's also some blue cheese in the mix, that really offers the signature buffalo taste.

Your mac and cheese will be piping hot, your cheese will be delicious and the buffalo will blow your mind. We mean, really.

2. Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Mama Mia's (1760 1st Avenue)


There are plenty of incredible buffalo chicken pizzas in New York City with plenty of merit.

The reason we love this specific pizza? Well, it isn't so often you find a buffalo chicken pizza with perfectly fried, breaded slices of chicken.

It's also got the most perfectly portioned spiciness to tanginess ratio, and well administered amounts of ranch dressing on top.

We love this buffalo chicken pizza and we always will. Next time you're on the Upper East Side and craving a slice, this is a must-visit.

3. Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak from Shorty's (various locations)


There are four locations of Shorty's scattered throughout the city, and all serve an equally delightful buffalo chicken cheesesteak.

If you've never experienced a Philadelphia style buffalo chicken cheesesteak, you are really missing out. The good news is that you don't need to board a train to experience the best of what the NYC's got in Philadelphia cheesesteaks.

Yes, Shorty's has the best buffalo chicken cheesesteaks in NYC. They're perfectly flavored, served between to halves of a delicious roll, and interspersed with some really excellent blue cheese (you can opt for ranch instead).

Get it with the fries and watch your life change forever.

4. Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Garlic Pizza Bar (629 2nd Avenue)


Okay, the restaurant itself is entirely adorable. They've got a small garden area out back, and a really lovely ambiance inside. 

Let's get to the real star of the day, though: their famous buffalo chicken grandma pizza. 

What could be more NYC than grandma pizza? What could be more perfect than their drool-inducing, unbelievably tasty buffalo chicken pizza?

It's perfectly breaded, has that buffalo kick we all crave, and it's satiating. It's one of the top varieties of buffalo chicken in the city. If you call yourself a buffalo chicken fan, get here.


5. Buffalo Chicken Salad from Just Salad (various locations)


You might be thinking, "Ew! Salad! Salad is healthy!"

Let us tell you, though, you don't have to eat unhealthily to experience the delights of buffalo chicken. This salad is delicious, and never let anyone, a buffalo chicken lover or not, tell you any different.

It's got iceberg romaine mix, buffalo chicken, pepper jack cheese, celery, and tortilla strips.

You can get it with either ranch or blue cheese. We, personally, prefer blue cheese, but we know there are those ranch lovers out there.

Either way, let us tell you. This salad will satisfy any buffalo chicken craving you might be having. They're all over the city. Find yours today.

6. Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese from The Melt Shop (various locations)


Grilled cheese and buffalo chicken? How could these seemingly disparate foods be smashed into one?

Okay, maybe they're not seemingly disparate. Maybe they're just too amazing on their own for us to ever imagine them together, but The Melt Shop had the courage to not only imagine them together, but to create a sandwich out of the combination.

The buffalo chicken grilled cheese comes topped with pepper jack cheese, blue cheese, and its hearty white mean friend chicken packed between two giant pieces of butter soaked bread. In a word: crazy delicious. Okay, two words. Whatever. It's amazing.

Also, we know we didn't come here to discuss the tater tots, but, you should try the tater tots. They're really great.

7. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs from The Meatball Shop (various locations) 


Okay, they definitely mash some blue cheese together with their chicken when they're making these. One bite into these steaming hot, delicious balls of buffalo chicken and you're done. 

We mean it; you'll definitely ascend into buffalo chicken heaven.

It used to be that you couldn't get buffalo chicken meatballs at The Meatball Shop unless they were on the menu, but now they've become a permanent appetizer fixture at this unbelievably incredible restaurant.

They come with a delightful amount of blue cheese, and even some really excellent celery sticks go to along too. Don't say you love buffalo chicken if you haven't had these.

8. Buffalo Chicken Nachos at Hair of the Dog (168 Orchard Street)

We know, we know. Buffalo chicken nachos are a complete game changer, in the best way possible.

Buffalo chicken nachos are an innovative combination that only the geniuses at Hair of the Dog could have concocted.

It's served on a mile-high plate of nachos with buffalo chicken, cheddar cheese, jalapeƱos, and the perfect tender, crunchy tortilla chips. Do we really need to say any more?

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