There comes a sad, sad moment in every sushi lover's life when they first learn that the tempura they thought was so healthy wasn't really that healthy after all.

What's the other least healthy yet ridiculously delicious thing that comes to mind first when you think of things that are so delicious but really aren't good for your overall bodily health?

Yep. Pizza.

Which is why we were delighted, yet worried for our arteries, when we learned that some of the most delicious, unhealthy food combined was combined another really delicious, really unhealthy food to create a masterpiece: tempura pizza.

Where can you get this slice of tastebud heaven and heart failure? Sake Bar Hagi, is the answer.

Now, of course the pizza architects at Sake Bar Hagi on West 49th Street aren't the first ones to come up with this idea. It's just one more crazy delicacy New Yorkers can check off on our menu of already-crazy options.

Like, did we ever think rainbow bagels would be a thing? Or how about sushi burritos?

If we could accept those innovations without batting an eye, then surely tempura pizza couldn't drive us that wild.


Then, we learned how the tempura pizza was made, and it really did drive us wild, after all. It's light, crispy, and much less greasy than we expected. 

Sake Bar Hagi's chefs first batter an entire slice of pizza in Japanese tempura, then bathe it in hot oil.

So, it's like if you thought to yourself, "Hm, a piece of pizza isn't unhealthy enough on its own. Is there a way for me to make this as bad for me as possible?"


No, we're not talking about Vinne's cheeseception pizza, but it's a pretty similar concept when it comes to Sake Bar Hagi's tempura pizza's calorie intake.

As for the actual taste factor of the tempura pizza, it definitely tastes more tempura than pizza, which is delicious if you're jonesing for some tempura, but beware to the pizza cravers. It probably won't satisfy your craving.

Still, it's worth trying, if not just to say you've tried it.

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[Feature Image Courtesy SeriousEats]