Raise your hands if you love eating pizza. That's what we thought. Everyone loves pizza, and if you didn't just raise your hand, you don't live in New York City.

In NYC, we have the oldest tradition of the best pizza in the world. You can find an incredible slice in all five boroughs of this giant city.

What're two things every New Yorker has in common? That's right; a love for pizza, and the fact that we all love the subway. 

Pizza and the subway are the two great equalizers. 

We may disagree on whether we love Bloomberg or de Blasio more, whether we'd rather take a taxi or an Uber, and how to solve homelessness in NYC, but the one thing we can all agree on is a good slice of pizza. We all know one when we see it.

It's pretty often that we exit the subway at our destination, and before we can do what we came for, we need to shove a hot, greasy slice of pizza in our mouths. Then, we can go about our jolly way.

Luckily, Jennifer Bui at Thrillist has just created the greatest map ever invented. She's mapped out the nearest pizza slice to Every. Single. Manhattan. Subway. Stop. 


Never again will we emerge from the underground vortex of the subway not knowing where our next slice is coming from. Never again will we spend our days hungry, lusting for pizza.

The pizza places on these maps are broken down by subway line. Browse them, and check out the closest pizza joints to every subway stop off every line in Manhattan.

How much will these maps improve our lives? Well, an incalculable amount. We can't even explain how much.


via Thrillist

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[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]