Holy Crap! Why the Hell Is Batman Driving Around NYC in a Pink Lamborghini?

By now, you've heard of Picke, the dating app that lets you filter based on what you want most out of a partner. 

And if you haven't heard of the app, there's a decent chance you've seen its creator, Michael White, while out and about in New York City.

Trust us, you'd know him if you saw him. 

To promote the app, White frequently takes to the streets of Manhattan in his bright pink Lamborghini, fully decked out in a Batman costume. 

Yep, you read that right. 

White, whose expertise lies in app development and programming, wanted to create a way for singles in NYC to find meaningful connections. "The whole dating website world is very cheesy," he says. "People don't go on dating websites, yet Tinder's acceptable." 

Despite its success, White considers Tinder to be somewhat problematic. Because it's based on pictures, he feels that it doesn't provide users with good enough reasons to swipe left or right. 

With Picke, users can filter based on more than just appearance, allowing for deeper connections right off the bat. "It's a new dating app but with an old school flair," says White. 

The app has been very well received since its launch, garnering over 10,000 users in the first month alone.


But White has made it clear that he isn't doing this for the success; it's because he's incredibly passionate about the project. 

His marketing campaigns are a big part of this; he wants to promote Picke, of course, but his end goal is to put a smile on people's faces. "It's enjoyable. This is not for me to make money, it's for me to enjoy my life. When you get to a certain point, you realize what makes you happy and you've got to go with your passion."

Even when he's getting pulled over by the NYPD, which happened not too long ago after White was making an illegal right turn onto 5th Avenue, New Yorkers are being thoroughly entertained. 

"There was a mob of people screaming 'Don't arrest Batman!'. It's amazing, the support of the people. It's funny." 

Needless to say, White's guerrilla marketing has been quite a success. He even grabbed the attention of Martha Stewart, who was riding in the car next to White's and couldn't help but comment on the spectacle.

"She first screamed out of the car asking, 'Is that a Lamborghini?'" says White, "And then she asked me if she could take a picture of me, and I asked her if I could take one back." 

Stewart ended up tweeting the photo, which served as a nice bit of press for White and his app. 

Given the success that White has already seen with Picke, it'll be interesting where it goes next. He plans to eventually expand to other cities, but for now, is focusing on growing the business in NYC. 

"We want to take over Manhattan," White says. If one thing's for sure, he's certainly on his way. 

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