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Because You Should Definitely Have Some Standards When It Comes to Dating in NYC, Say Hello to Picke

How’s your love life? Awful, right? Winter was lonely AF, but hey! Now it’s spring, and a new season changes everything, right? Spring is in the air, love is in the air, and the hopes of finding one person who measures up in a city of 8.5 million are fresh, new, and impossibly bright.

Dating apps and sites are still your best bet, right? But what have you found? Disappointment. Creeps. Heartbreak. Shifty shady sneak thieves who pilfered your roommate’s medicine cabinet.

What’s wrong with all of this? Is it that New York City is simply too big to find someone you can relate to without sparing you the slush piles of sh*t-faced goons and trifling schemers? 

Picke’s the only app that lets you filter by what you want most out of a partner, and by partner we mean someone actually meaningful.

Or is it simpler than that? Nobody believes in love without compromise. Nobody believes that there’s a life worth neither living nor loving without settling.

Say hello to Picke, the dating app that actually lets you swipe with purpose. How? By never wasting time. By never settling.

It used to be just another long line of dates, revolving door dinners cluttered with small talk and awkward shuffles (what the hell do I do with my hands?), lonely nights, or, worse, long train rides in the cold light of day wearing yesterday’s clothes after a promising swipe right turned into a huge mistake.

Picke’s the only app that lets you filter by what you want most out of a partner, and by partner we mean someone actually meaningful.

It’s not a sexual battle royale. It’s not a game that you just shuffle through looking for an attractive partner for the sole purpose of sleeping with them. 

When you swipe left or right, you’re swiping because you have standards.

It’s quality, not quantity.

Sure, there are other fish in the sea, but in NYC that sea is immeasurably deep and flowing wider than you can even comprehend. It’s time to make every date count and not because you’re tired of being alone.

It’s time to make every date count in the ways that matter most to you because you should have standards.


Whoever said you should settle for the sake of not ending up alone-- whatever the f*ck that means --is generally miserable. It’s science.

Okay, so it’s not science, but that’s definitely someone you need to cut down on spending time with. That’s a bad way to live, and in the city you’re living in, you’re already compromising on so much.


You settle for a smaller apartment that’s closer to the train. You settle for the street meat when you need a bite on the go. You settle for bodega Yeezys, but that’s because they’re dope.

You shouldn’t settle when it comes to dating. That’s decidedly uncool.

Maybe your friends tell you to stop hooking up with people who aren’t worth your time. 

That’s good, but that’s half-assed advice. What do they actually know about your time and its worth?

We’re telling you that only you know what exactly is worth your time, and now there’s a dating app that helps you find that.

So go on. Start swiping for something real. Be Picke.

Download the Picke App for Android and iOS Right Here

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