What happens when subway cars are decommissioned? 

The lucky ones get to spend the rest of their days becoming manmade reefs, swimming with the fishes. Others wind up in a subway graveyard in New Jersey.

Photographer Steven Siegel discovered this decrepit junkyard in the late 1980s, and rather than paying no attention to the useless scrap pile, he deemed it a 'photographer's paradise.'

According to The Jersey Journal, Steven Siegel and his friends visited the site many times between 1988 and 1990, compiling a series of seemingly gravity-defying photos he called, "Subway Dream."

Siegel stated that the subway cars were covered in graffiti, some of the last of their generation.

The junkyard used as "one of the greatest photographic locations [Siegel] would ever encounter in [his] life," is just south of Liberty State Park. 

However, future photographers or urban adventurers will be upset to know that the site isn't used to scrap old subway cars. 

Check out the incredible shots in the gallery below.


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[via NJ.com] [Feature Image Courtesy NJ.com]