Want to live in a really tiny apartment? One that costs $2,750 a month for only 302 square feet? Yeah, it's a thing. Unfortunately, you might have missed the boat on the application period

A couple of months ago we told you about the construction of New York City's first micro-unit apartment building. It's finally finished, and now you have the chance to peek inside. 

For those of us who are slightly intrigued by the opportunity to live in a 302-square-foot apartment, but would rather not actually live there, new pictures of the micro-units at Carmel Place have been released. 

The design was developed in an attempt to offer a solution for the affordable housing boom, giving people of low and middle-income the ability to live in a building with amenities on par with a luxury apartment complex. 

The design firm, nArchitects, believes these micro-units will serve as a "systemic new paradigm" for cities, like NYC, facing an affordable house crisis. 

Check out the photos from Dezeen Magazine below. 

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[via Dezeen Magazine] [Feature Image Courtesy The New York Times]