Check Out These Incredible Photos of the Spiraling NYC Office with Cascading Terraces!

New York City's skyline is a little ridiculous. Sure, it's getting crowded up there with all the pretty shadow-casting behemoth "super talls" sprouting up like unwanted weeds. 

But it's also getting pretty crazy up there; at least, the ideas are getting crazier and crazier. 

There's a building that looks like it's stuck together with gum. There's a horrifically gaudy 102-story behemoth, discourtesy of Mark Foster Gage. Hell, even air gondolas from Brooklyn to Manhattan would add a bit of spice to the skyline mix. 

Now, there's something big. The Bjarke Ingels Group recently unveiled plans for the spiral, a 65-story office building that features a series of cascading terraces. 

Bjarke Ingels explains, "Designed for the people that occupy it, the spiral ensures that every floor of the tower opens up to the outdoors creating hanging gardens and cascading atria that connect the open floor plates from the ground floor to the summit into a single uninterrupted work space."

Who wouldn't want to work here? 

Developed by Tishman Speyer, the tower will occupy the entire city block between 34th and 35th on Hudson Boulevard. It's actually well-placed along the northern tip of the High Line. 

You can check out Bjarke Ingels's explanation of the building's design here, but check out the amazing renderings of the building below.  


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[via DesignBoom]  [Feature Image Courtesy DesignBoom]