After 50 years, Philip Johnson's New York State Pavilion in Queens, originally dubbed the "Tent of Tomorrow," was understandably showing some reasonable wear. 

Last March, The National Trust for Historic Preservation in collaboration with People for the Pavilion asked designers to reimagine the pavilion.

First, second, and third place winners have been finally chosen– they received over 250 submission worldwide but due to the overwhelming amount from locals, a Queens category was created as well.

The fifth winner was the Fan Favorite, voted on by the public.

Check them out below.

The top entries are going to be featured at The Queens Museum in New York until August 28th.

1. FIRST PLACE: "Hanging Meadows" by Aidan Doyle and Sarah Wan


via architectmagazine

Anyone else getting a total Jetson's vibe? This futuristic structure has a focus on environmental education. 


Native Northeastern US plants and flowers will be grown in a greenhouse, which will be alongside a planetarium and classrooms. Snaps for environmental education!

2. Second Place "Civic Hub" by Javier Salinas


via architectmagazine

Architect Magazine reports that this "multi-purpose space" allots areas for literacy programs, resource centers, art programs and studios, and senior fitness programs. A+ for community gardens, supporting local artists, and space for beverage festivals.

3. THIRD PLACE: "Pavilion for the Community" by Rishi Kejrewal and Shaurya Sharma


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Another shout out for sustainability; this design employs translucent solar panels and a sophisticated rainwater harvesting system. 

We're a fan of the raised walking platforms connecting other market platforms attached to the already existing columns; which form a main space for people from different communities to congregate.

4. QUEENS WINNER: "Pavilion Park" by Cesar Juarez and Alida Rose Delaney


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It's no surprise that the local winner maintained the original pavilion's structure the most. There's a way to update a historical spot without straight up destroying the culture that comes with it– this design nails it. 


Besides opening up the ceiling, they also remove the pre-existing walls. Anyone who watches HGTV knows that open concept is so totally in.

5. FAN FAVORITE WINNER: "Tent of the Future" by Houiji Ramzi, Saint Etienne


via architectmagazine

We probably would've voted for this design too, tbh. This plan looks like the concept art for a new Final Fantasy game and does anyone not want to walk around a real life Balamb Garden? 

By demolishing part of the original structure that encloses the area, this space is transformed into another open concept hangout for both professional and leisurely activities. They have room for art EVERYWHERE and like many of the other designs, have plans to utilize solar power.  

[via architectmagazine] [Feature Image Courtesy wirednewyork]