Oh, Shake Shack, why can't we resist you?

If the announcement of their upcoming 2017 plans didn't already make your mouth water, guess what? There's one new Shack location for us to line up at.

The new Penn Station Shake Shack is now open on the lower concourse, bringing Penn Station up one rung in hell (or down? how does hell work?).

Like its counterpart, Grand Central, the Penn Station location will be serving breakfast foods like sausage or bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches and Stumptown coffee in the morning for commuters.

As reported by Thrillist, they will serve burgers and their classic crinkle-cut fries in the afternoon, as well as local craft beers from The Bronx Brewery, Brooklyn Brewery, and Sixpoint Brewery.

As if the LIRR's drunk train really needed to be even more lit.

Sure, maybe you won't be stopping by this Shake Shack location if you're not already in Penn Station for travel reasons. 


Plans to renovate the place by 2020 are still swirling, but until then, we'd rather wait it out in Madison Square Park.


Still, for those of us commuters who are forced to go to Penn every day anyway, this is a very welcome light at the end of a long, grimy, rat-infested tunnel.

[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy rctom.hbs.org]