There's a Terrifying Amusement Park Ride That Could be Coming to the Top of Penn Station | spoiled NYC

Ahh, Penn Station. As harshly as we speak of you, please know that we do not hate you. We despise you.

There is nothing worse than seeing a million Santass storm out trying to find their fifth drink of the morning or almost getting stampeded when the track is announced for the train. There is simply too much wrong with Penn that there isn't enough time in the world to break it all down.

Now, Governor Cuomo wants to do a $3 billion upgrade to the cesspool and the crazy ideas are already coming out.

Brooklyn Capital Partners wants to put a 1,200 foot high ride on top of MSG or on the Farley Post Office.

The ride is called "The Halo" and it's built for speed demons. Riders will be able to use one of 11 gondolas at $35 a ride to reach speeds of 100 miles per hour. This means you could reach the bottom of the building in six seconds.

Never thought that Penn Station would provide you with the ride of your life, did you?

Brookln Capital Partners wants to get the funding for the much needed repairs this way. They expect to attract 7.8 million people who want to try out the ride. Getting about $38 million in revenue in ground lease payments.

They just need the low amount of $637 to build the insane project.


via The Halo NY

Is this really what Penn Stations needs? As if people vomiting at all hours of the night wasn't bad enough now they want to this heart-stopping ride as well? We are going to put this idea in the "Review box" next to the shredder.

There is no question that Penn needs an overhaul but maybe something a bit tamer. NYC is already for thrill seekers no need to up ante anymore.

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[via New York Daily News]