Penn Station is pretty much one of the worst places in New York City.. but not anymore... maybe?

Even though we may soon be calling Penn Station, "Empire Station," we're seriously psyched about one aspect of this transportation hub as of today. 

We recently reported that Penn Station was going to be getting a brand spankin' new food court. 

While we were a bit skeptical about any food produced in or around Penn Station, we think this food court might finally produce some more than decent food.

Today marked the grand opening of Penn Station's aptly named gourmet food court, The Pennsy, complete with stands from big names like Mario Batali, Marc Forgione, and Pat LaFrieda. 

If you want a sneak peak of what this mega-foodie-jackpot looks like, check out the Instagram shots below. 

Now that the food looks edible, do you dare eat at arguably one of the grossest places in NYC?

broccolishitake Old favorite is back. πŸ† Korean BBQ seitan @cinnamonsnail #vegan


mikejchau Beastmode Burger Deluxe❗️ @cinnamonsnail @thepennsy πŸžπŸ§€β“πŸŒΏπŸžπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ #cinnamonsnail #thepennsy #foodbeast

you_beastin Giant sushi roll filled with banh mi! You eat it like a burrito! #thelittlebeet #thepennsy #banhmi

mommyshorts I was lucky to score an invite to the soft open of #thepennsy today. I wish this existed when I used to work a block away from Penn Station! To all my old co-workers, I'm sorry you still work at that place but at least you have some good lunch options now. #mariobymary

abbybean Hello, beautiful. #cinnamonsnail Korean BBQ seitan now accessible indefinitely at #thepennsy, opening January 11th! #preparty


larryleedesign Checking out the new @cinnamonsnail stand at the grand opening of The Pennsy food plaza today. @thepennsy #eatdrinkrepeat #pennstation #donuts #cinnamonsnail #vegan #vegandonuts #thepennsy #instafood #foodie #foodporn

skinnypignyc FINALLY THERE IS GOOD FOOD NEAR PENN STATION. Normally when people ask me where to go around here, I tell them to get on a train and go somewhere else. But @thepennsy is changing that. I'm so excited that I celebrated with this buttery fontina grilled cheese with black truffle honey from Mario by Mary, a new concept from @mary_giuliani and @mariobatali. Grand opening next week! Come check out the awesome lineup: @patlafrieda @thelittlebeet @cinnamonsnail @lobster_press @lacolombecoffee πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸšŠπŸ· #thepennsy #marygiuliani #mariobatali #skinnypignyc

coconutbacon_newyorkcity ATTENTION! The #Pennsy is having its #grandopening this Monday January 11, 2016! It's an upscale foodcourt next to Penn Station and MSG! Why is this important to vegans in NYC? I'll tell you why. This marks the historic and heroic return of @cinnamonsnail! Their brick and mortar location is housed here. Here are some pictures from the preview! The menu features all favorites from the #foodtruck which spawned it: #KoreanBBQ, Thai bbq tempeh, gochujang #Burger, maple mustard Seitan, these are all alive. Also now featuring bowls! What I got here is the beastmode Burger deluxe: a $10.95 anchochili Seitan #veggieburger grilled with maple #bourbon #BBQsauce with jalapeno #macncheese, arugula, smoked chili COCONUTBACON, and #chipotlemayo on a grilled #pretzelbun! This #hamburger has been featured on the truck in the past but with the small variation of a #pretzel bun instead of their #focaccia. While I did love that #bread, it is no more. And I loved the new #bun, especially with this sammie. The burger patty was classic juicy #spicy cinnamonsnail classic. The #veganMacncheese was excellent when I could taste it. Sometimes, surprisingly because it was so easy to see, not every bite tasted like a #sandwich with #macandcheese on it. But when I could detect it, boy oh boy it was like creamy cheesy #cheeseburger heaven. It definitely had a nice #barbecue flavor. Really, this was like a glorious handful of #comfortfood. I hadn't realized there was coconut bacon on it and couldn't figure out what it was, ironically, but once I realized it was a divine epiphany of flavor I will not soon be forgetting. I'm surprised how strong that sweet bacon flavor was amidst all these other joyous tastes but coconut bacon is special. It took this sandwich from the #sexy boy or #girlnextdoor to the even sexier .... #Veganburger, #macaroniandcheese, and coconut bacon mΓ©nage a twa. I've called my page #foodporn many times, but this is serious. This is the future of porn. Sorry -- this is the future of food. 5/5 coconut bacons and don't you forget it. Head over to the Snail! It's a great new #hotspot to be inspired and #getshitdone at!


abbybean One of my fave pics from last night at #thepennsy to celebrate the #cinnamonsnail. Hint: follow the #🍩

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]