Penn Station’s slated to undergo some renovations at some point, including a Shake Shack.

We all love us our crappy old Penn Station, we love writing about it, we love whining about it, but damn, are we glad this change is coming. Because, fun fact, Penn Station used to be pretty cool.

So imagine our delight when we heard that Penn Station’s actually moving into the twenty-first century with a digital Amtrak departure board.

Gothamist reports that Penn Station will debut the brand spankin’ new model later this year, and demolish the old one.

Amtrak spokesman Craig Schulz told Gothamist in an e-mail that the digital boards will prove more accessible to all passengers, including those with disabilities.

“The idea is to improve the passenger experience through dynamic, easier to read, and strategically located information points throughout the concourse,” Schulz said.


But relax, retro fans. Reporter Jason Rabinowitz reminded us that the board may be old, but it doesn’t make that classic notification noise, the sound of flipping plastic.

And we’re confident that you know a quiet departure board is the least of Penn Station’s problems.

So of course when Penn Station dropped the news, some people brought the sass:

And others expressed fondness for the relic:

wrp3 My favorite part of Penn Station, the Departure & Dash board...never have I seen people with rolling suitcases move so fast. #werkingwednesday #pennstation #thereandbackagain #awhitneytale #dcbound #vscocam

But hey, as long as Amtrak's for lovers (GET IT???). No? Then read this article.

[via Gothamist] 

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