Peking, that huge ship down at The South Street Seaport Museum that you've definitely walked by, finished her final tour in New York City this past Sunday.

After 42 years downtown, the merchant ship is scheduled to return Germany, the country that built her in 1911, after a year of restoration on Staten Island– tough luck there. 

No offense to the Wu-Tang Clan, but we'd be pissed if we had to spend our last year in NY on Shaolin―not gonna lie.

The deal to return the Peking to Germany began in 2012 after the South Street Seaport Museum was hit by financial issues following Hurricane Sandy.

They were totally ready to just give away the ship to the Stiftung Hamburf Maritim Museum, where they have the proper funds to take care of her, but they were so strapped for cash, they couldn't fund her trip across the Atlantic.

Gothamist reports that the German government invested about 30 million euros into the ship's transport back to Hamburg, Germany and a massive restoration when she arrives at her new museum.

"The gift of Peking to Hamburg, where they’ve got 30 million euros to restore her, is good for our Museum; it will allow us to focus our growing resources on a leaner fleet," says South Street Seaport Museum executive director Jonathan Boulware.

"The centerpiece of which will be the mighty three-masted ship Wavertree, which will shortly return from a massive restoration project."


Wavertree, according to the South Street Seaport's museum website, is one of the last large sailing ships built of wrought iron. 

She was acquired by the museum in 1968 and they believe that while Peking belongs in Germany, Wavertree belongs in New York.

"She’s the very type of ship that built our city. The story of the port of New York is replete with ships like Wavertree– humble, unassuming ships that for a century plied the world’s oceans driving the trade, immigration, and cultural exchange that made New York the first modern world city."


Well, later gator! Meanwhile, there's another boat setting sail September 17th: World Yacht's absolute beaut, Duchess. And we'll be aboard the boaty boat with bells on as we say goodbye to summer with this last booze cruise on The Hudson. 

We’re talkin’ a gorgeous three-level yacht three hours of boozin’, cruisin’, dancin’, and incredible views, live DJs all night long, passed hors d’oeuvres, and, of course, an open bar courtesy of Belvedere Vodka, Bud Light, and The Hidden Sea wines.

Hors d’oeuvres. Bunches of Bud Light. Dancing. Views. Yachts. Booze. Cruise. Holy hell, we’re doin’ it again! Get your tickets right here

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]