Pearl River Mart is returning to Manhattan, and we could not be more thrilled! 

The Asian specialty store has downsized drastically, but we have nothing but high hopes.

Previously a resident of SoHo, the storefront was forced out after a crazy increase in rent.  

When the store closed, the owners were able to keep an online branch of the market running to maintain a strong flow of customers.

But now, the shop owners' daughter-in-law, Joanne Kwong (also the former counsel to the president and vice president of communications at Barnard College), has, according to Metro NY,  a vision for the shop's reincarnation.

She plans to modernize the merchandise, increase the brand's social media presence, and feature capsule collections and collaborations with a host of Asian-American designers and artists.

"The goal is to evolve the store from a traditional brick and mortar to a leading-edge retail experience while also preserving and honoring Pearl River's incredible legacy," she says.


In mid-November, Kwong will open a temporary pop-up shop at 395 Broadway and will occupy a 6,000 square-foot space, much smaller than the 30,000 square-foot that they were used to in SoHo, until it officially re-opens in May 2017. 


Stay tuned for details on the highly anticipated opening of Pearl River Mart 2.0.  

[via Metro NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Flick River]