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Escape from the City, Within the City 🚍🏙😃

All famous cities are known for different things, for specific reasons. Paris is known as the city of lights and romance. Los Angeles is known as the city of angels. And New York City is known as the city that NEVER sleeps.

From the bright lights of Times Square to police sirens and taxi horns, NYC is infamous for its noise at all hours. With New Yorkers and their busy schedules and working hours, deserve some peace and quiet. This city may never sleep, but it sure does nap.

The city is filled with excitement and adventure, but there are also havens of serene corners and relaxation from within.

Here are a few of New York City’s hidden gems. Escape this hectic city along with its traffic and large crowds. Treat yourself to some peace and quiet, alone with your thoughts.

The Met Cloisters (99 Margaret Corbin Dr, Upper Manhattan)

Just alongside the Hudson River at Fort Tryon Park in Upper East Side resides the Cloisters Garden and Museum. This place allows you to escape the modern day, and enter the medieval times in Europe. It features over 2,000 pieces of Medieval European artwork and architecture.


New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx)


This National Historic Landmark is the perfect spot, offering both serenity and scenery. It is filled with vibrant colors and fresh floral aroma. It is a place where one can bask in its natural beauty all year round.

Greenacre Park (217 East 51st Street, Turtle Bay)


The Greenacre Park is the location to get in some R&R; relaxation and reading! This hidden little park offers a garden-like atmosphere with a peaceful spot away from all the sounds of the city. Sit towards the lower level by the waterfall with an outdoor cafe and open skies.

Gantry Plaza State Park (4-09 47th Road, Hunter’s Point, Long Island City)

Overlooking the Manhattan skyline, this park is perfect for strolls along the pier, bike rides, and spacious serenity. It’s the type of park where one can simply just be with a good book and a cozy blanket.

Wave Hill (675 W 252nd St, Bronx)


This park overlooks the Hudson River and Palisades. It has been in around since the 1800’s. The Bronx’s Wave Hill consists of four gardens including Flower, Herb, Wild, and Aquatic. You can walk through this historic park and garden at your own leisure.

Elevated Acre Plaza (55 Water Street, Lower Manhattan)

This composed location is perfectly hidden behind the finance buildings on Water Street near Seaport. The space is above a rooftop with a spectacular shared view of the Hudson and Brooklyn skyline. It is the sweetest escape to greener sceneries and unique public parks.

Central Park Conservatory Garden (14 East 60th St, Manhattan)

Lastly, Central Park might be the cliche and ideal spot for any tourist and New Yorker but don’t let that fool you. This park runs from 59th Street and Columbus Circle to 110th and Central Park North. WIth a park as large as this, there is much distance to travel, meaning there are many little treasures hidden for one to find their own sweet escape.

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