It feels like studies are just meant to ruin your day. Many feel like they don't need be done, like being told New York City is expensive AF to live in. 

Some are a bit bittersweet, like this survey that has NYC coming in third place for the rudest city in America. Really? Third? Time to lower that shoulder more often while getting on the subway.

This one is different. This study brings us some much needed deliciously good news.

A new study published in Nutrition & Diabetes followed 23,000 Italians to see how their pasta consumption affected their weight, and it shows that just the right amount of pasta is actually good for you.

If you had a penne for every time Nonna said this you'd be rich.

Before you go insane and start lookin' for some crazy pasta like these places would have, you should know it's a very moderate amount. 

The reason why is that those who eat within the realm of reasonable moderation, tend to follow a more Mediterranean diet which has been associated with good health for quite some time.

So, those who didn't any pasta at all actually had negative results as compared to those who had a good portion of pasta here and there.

Another bright side of eating pasta that the study concluded is that those who had a moderate amount of deliciousness had a more favorable hip-to-waist ratio. So, pasta is going give you your best bikini season yet.


Lookin' to start livin' better? Why not trying out these restaurants that really know how to make pasta.

Now, maybe if you start eating more pasta and drinking four bottles of wine a day like this 107 year old gentleman, you'll be able to live 'til 130.

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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