Party Like It's 1776: Where To Go To Make Sure Your 4th of July Blows Up Like Fireworks 🤔🎆🇺🇸

If this was the Midwest, we'd tell you to step onto your cul-de-sac, go to the inevitable block party that you know damn well is happening, eat a hotdog, and watch the fireworks with the cute neighbor kid you’ve had a secret thing for since you moved there.

But we’re not in the Midwest, Toto. There are no cul-de-sacs, and the fireworks you have with neighbors here make the ones you’d have back home look like sparklers 😜. This is New York City baby! Because we love you so much, your’s truly has curated a 21+ evening that’ll make you be proud to be an American.

Watermark Waterfront Bar (Pier 15, 78 South St, Manhattan) 

watermarkny Sangria Saturdays

Start your morning off right, at noon. Go to the Watermark Bar pier party, Pier 15. Stop us when you’re in a puddle of drool: DJ, dancing, giant beer pong, grilled food, and views of The Brooklyn Skyline as well as both the Williamsburg and Brooklyn bridges. It’s basically an Instagram feed’s wet dream. It’s free entry when you confirm on Eventbrite from noon to midnight, but don’t get too comfy! There is so much more to do.

The House of Yes (2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn) 

houseofyesnyc THIS WEEK @ House of Yes !! TUE 🎉 Treble Tuesdays (8p) WED 💃🏽 Amateur Burlesque Night (7p) WED 🕺🏽 Funk You Party (10p) THU 🍍 The Get Down (6p) THU 🖤 Dirty Thursday: New Wave (10p) FRI ⛸ Roller Wave Roller Disco (6p) FRI 🐯 Into The Jungle w/Dimitri From Paris (10p) SAT 🙏 Deep House Yoga (12p) SAT 💦 Foreplay (7p) SAT ❤️ House of Love (10p) ⠀ Check for all event info & tickets! 📸: @kennyrodz

Get a good buzz going and tell Scotty to beam you up around 2:00 PM. You’re going to 2 Wyckoff Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11237. Why? Well in the humble words of a drunk bachelorette at 3:00 AM last night, “We’re going to the club!” The House of Yes to be more specific. More dancing, DJs, BBQ (with veggie options), Slushies, and hot tub “surprises.” Here’s some sage advice: AMERICAN REALNESS COSTUMES SKIP THE LINE! That’s right, people living the American dream via over-the-top costumes skip the line. So if you’re like us, leaving the first bar half drunk and half an hour late, you can roll up and skip the line. Make sure that you get your ticket through Eventbrite. Tickets range from a sexy 0-10 dollars - a price that should def light your fireworks.

The Hot Dog Cart - Literally Any One

ev_photo_collective The Hot Dog Man. @topnewyorkphoto #newyork #nyc #newyorkcity #hotdog #newyorkhotdog #streetphotography #streetstyle #street_vision #mycanonstory #mycanon #canon #canonphotography #canon80d


Jump around a couple of hours, get some water, and head to any hot dog cart. It’s not your dad’s hot dog from the backyard grill, but it’ll be enough to cut your hangover off at the pass. After all, you can’t have an American day without enjoying food that makes you want to eat first and ask questions later.

Three Kings Restaurant Group at Arlo NoMad Hotel (11 East 31st St, Manhattan) 

theheightsarlo Cocktails and sunsets #AllTheWayUp 📷 @barbrev . . . . . . . #sunsetsovernyc #nycviews #cocktailoftheday #cocktailculture #cocktailart #talesofthecocktail #newyorklife #newyork_ig #NewYork #rooftopviews #RooftopsOfNYC

Down one or two portions of street meat and head to the Arlo NoMad Hotel rooftop bar, The Heights. They are having a pregame from 2-5PM, which you took care of at the last club already, and an open Margarita bar from 6-7PM with your purchase of a ticket at Eventbrite. The tickets are 70 dollars, but drinking math will tell you that about seven drinks will get your money’s worth. Just saying. 💁🏻‍♂️

Empire State Building (350 5th Ave, Manhattan) 

scottjaveda #HappyFourthofJuly to the land of the free and the home of the brave 🇺🇲 #nyc #scottj 📸: @fox5ny via don_humberto_colmenares

The perfect end to the perfect New York Fourth of July ends at only one place: The Empire State Building. For 39 dollars, you can experience the New York Fireworks from the most expensive view there is. Tickets can be purchased here. However, if this extra 40 dollars will break the bank, or you’re wrapped up in those three sheets from the last perch, you can stay at The Heights for the firework views. The viewing is covered by your ticket price for the Margs. Dealer’s choice of whether you want to stay or leave, of course.

Remember: man cannot live on well-crafted itinerary alone. Celebrate the holiday with people who are special to you. The American Dream is being surrounded by the love of people who matter…and recreational drinking of course. Enough sap - go out, have fun, and be proud to be an American.

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