Good news for those struggling writers out there! This new co-working space understands the constant battle of making a name for yourself in NYC's journalism world.

Not only is it incredibly difficult to nail down an actual position in this field, but weeding through all of the B.S. constantly thrown around as facts is a journey in and of itself. 

Local journalism is particularly embattled, as demonstrated by the recent shutdown of Gothamist and DNAinfo following their attempt to unionize.

That leaves a gap in our local news coverage which we shouldn't take lightly. The issues in our community remain, whether we bring light to them or not.

With such shutdowns, it is also a challenge for a local journalist to have the physical and mental space to produce quality work.

But The Park Slope Desk is coming to the rescue by offering $1 desks for the winter season to local journalists, including former employees from the Gothamist and DNAinfo.


This place clearly sees the incredible value of journalism—at all levels—to bring the truth to the people and hold local politicians, officials, and other members of our society, accountable for their actions.

Now more than ever, we need these voices. And such voices need the tools and space they require to be successful, wouldn't you say?

Even if you're not of the journalistic persuasion, you may want to check out the space, too— for reasonable rates, you'll have access to a quiet, well-equipped workspace and plenty of other perks like printing, scanning, and unlimited coffee. 

The Park Slope Desk is at 501 11th Street and 7th Avenue. More contact info here

[via brokelyn][Feature Image Courtesy parkslopedesk]