Who hasn't turned to Papaya King for a cheap bite? If you can't remember a time before New Yorkers could hit up this classic spot, that makes sense, because they're turning 85 this March. 

Of course, to commemorate their anniversary, they're bequeathing us with an even more amazing deal than their usual.

Their tasty hot dogs will be sold for 32 cents a piece.

Since they opened their store in 1932, Papaya has always been a great stop for munching on the cheap. Even without the sale, a dog with all the little trimmings and a drink is about $5.

According to Gothamist, this special pricing is to honor 85 years of business.


Set a calendar alert now for March 3rd and 4th, when the magical promotion will be taking place. There are a few rules for the occasion. 


Your hot dog can be topped with kraut, NY onions or relish without additional charges. Sides, on the other hand, are separate and at full price.

Also, some more fun, "Papaya King Brand Ambassadors" will be giving away some food and "tons of prizes," throughout the celebration. 


We're hoping the swag includes those full price curly fries. We can only hope, right?

[Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Eater NY]