We were pretty stoked when the lineup for Panorama was announced, but the general reaction after we got excited about Arcade Fire, Kendrick Lamar, and LCD Soundsystem was, "Wait. Why aren't there any single day passes?"

Well, that's all changed now.

Goldenvoice's inaugural Panorama Music, Art, and Technology Festival is now offering single day passes for the early bird limited time price of $99, plus fees of course, rounding out at $125.

They've announced limited advance single day VIP packages going for $265, and travel packages are available, too.

All passes include free entry to the Queens Museum for the Panorama of the City and Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Ramones and the Birth of Punk exhibits.

Limited advance single-day travel passes include shuttle from Brooklyn and ferry from Manhattan options, going for $30 and $25 respectively. 

For three days, you're looking at $55 for the ferry and $65 for the shuttle. 

All together, if you're going for a single day non-VIP and you're coming from BK, Panorama's going to run you $155. 

That's not too shabby considering it's an entire day of incredible music, plus transport. Check out the promo video below, and then check out all of the ticket options they have for Panorama right here


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[via Panorama Fest] [Feature Image Courtesy EW]