A Shot & a Beer as the Sun Goes Down: 6 Outdoor Happy Hours You Absolutely Must Try in NYC

The only thing getting most of us through the work week is happy hour. 

Let's just be real about it.

We can all say we've spent a questionable amount of time sitting at our desks mid-afternoon, dreaming of 5 p.m. when we can head to the nearest bar and go in on a margarita and tapas. 

There's no shame.

And now that it's spring, there are tons of happy hours happening outdoors. New York City makes the perfect backdrop to our happy hour hangs, so you definitely want to take advantage while you can.

Read on to discover the best outdoor happy hours.

1. Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar (11 West 31st Street)


Wine? Chocolate? Yup, we're in.

Get ready to enjoy some serious choclately goodness. 


Ayza's menu includes such gems like a chocolate pizza, a strawberry chocolate martini, and chocolate covered strawberries. 

It's a great place to have a much needed post-work girls' night. Like really, a place that combines chocolate and alcohol is basically all we've ever needed.

2. Washington Commons (748 Washington Avenue - Brooklyn)

The super chill vibe of this place makes it perfect for an after-work hang.

It's Bring Your Own Food, so feel free to bring a picnic and grab a few friends. There's an amazing selection of beers and a beautiful outdoor sitting area. 

The bartenders are super friendly, and even have movies playing sometimes. 

3. New York Water Taxi (Pier 16 – South Street Seaport)


What's better than enjoying your happy hour on a YACHT? Pretty much nothing.


Unless you get seasick super easily. Of course, if that's the case, nothing is actually good on a boat, and you should definitely remove yourself from any nautical situation in general. 

On the other hand, if you've got your sea legs about you, make sure you're on board for the best happy hour imaginable. 

As part of our spoiled soirée monthly event series, you can join us for an epic Cinco de Mayo party aboard the NYWT's pride, the ZEPHYR.

There'll be a two-hour open Jose Cuervo Tequila & Corona bar, not to mention stunning views of the city from the Hudson River. Also, there will be chips and dip. Yes, chips and dip. 

Get your tickets here!

4. Brooklyn Ice House (315 Van Brunt Street - Brooklyn) 

With a $3 PBR, this place is basically hipster heaven.

But even if you're not rocking a beanie or a man bun, there's a ton of delicious beer to choose from, as well as a kickass pulled pork sandwich. 

Also, their happy hour is from 12-8 p.m., so they definitely have the right idea. 

5. The Stag's Head (252 East 51st Street)


Though we generally try to avoid Midtown, especially Midtown East, this place is definitely worth it.

The outdoor patio upstairs is the perfect setting to enjoy the wide variety of menu items, and even better, their $4 craft beers. YAS.


It's also a great place to pop in for a quick drink if you don't have time for a full meal-- their truffled popcorn and nachos make for some of the best bar snacks around. 

6. La Contenta (102 Norfolk Street)


If a Mexican-style happy hour is what you're all about, then you have to try La Contenta

All of the food is super affordable, and they don't skimp on portions. The guacamole is easily split between four people, and comes with pumpkin seeds on top for a unique twist. 

Grab a margarita (or 2, or 3) and some fish tacos and you'll certainly have the happiest of hours.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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