The Answer to Your NYC BB-Q's 🗽🔥🍖

 Who doesn’t love a summer barbeque?

Fools, that’s who.

Nothing accompanies sunshine better than smoked meats and alcoholic treats, so we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the best options for your NYC outdoor BBQ experience.

So, without further adieu, here are tastiest options for the (hot) dog days of summer!

Morgan’s Barbeque (267 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn)

This BBQ joint sports some of the tastiest fried chicken and creamiest mac ’n’ cheese in the North. The meats are slow-oak smoked and the cornbread comes with pepper jam.

Which, at the risk of sounding redundant, is the JAM.

Are you picking up what we’re putting down?

To top is all off, they’ve got an outdoor area with picnic tables and hanging lights. Altogether, it provides the perfect setting for your summer BBQ experience.

Fette Sau (354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn)


Reviews for this spot range from “best beef brisket ever” to “by far the best beef brisket ever.”

So, perhaps consider ordering the beef brisket?

Other folks rave about the baked beans and the crunchy coleslaw.

The best part? When the weather is right, you can score a hot seat outdoors while enjoying your scrumptious meal.

Does it get any better than that?

No. It does not.

Route 66 Smokehouse (79 Pearl St, Manhattan)


If you’re in the Financial District and looking for a treat, look no further.

Their Beer Roasted Smoke Chicken is delicious and their Carolina Pulled Pork is a treat. And did we mention they make their own homemade BBQ sauce? Because they do.

And, it’s out of control.

But the best feature at this smokehouse? Well, that might be the outdoor patio, which is open as soon as weather permits.

Get some grub. Get some sun. And get moving!

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque (75 Greenwich Ave, West Village)


This casual barbeque place is where you can get in line, order what you want, and watch them slice your meat in real time.

The highlights? Well, that would have to be the Dirty Frites, which is a giant platter of fries smothered in burnt ends, chili-lime sauce, red onions, and scallions.

Oh, and the bread pudding. Get the damn bread pudding.

It’s not an order.

But you should totally order it.

John Brown Smokehouse (1043 44th Drive, Long Island City)


If North Carolina-style BBQ is your thing, then this is the smokehouse for you.

Part diner and part smokehouse, people gather here for the perfectly seasoned burnt bits, chunky chili, and hefty servings of pork ribs.

They’ve got plenty of outdoor seating in the back, so it’s the perfect spot to hit up on a gorgeous spring or summer day.

Bring your sunglasses, wallet, and appetite.

You’re gonna need them.

Pig Beach (480 Union St, Brooklyn)


RIBS. Tender, succulent, mouth-watering. You know the type.

Well, they are ribs-rich at this Gowanus Canal-adjacent mainstay, and families come here by the droves to get their fix of the finger-lickin’ goodness.

The beer garden area is huge and is accompanied by a full bar with great beer options on tap, so there’s a good time promised for everyone.

Bring the kids and prepare for a killer laid-back time!

Butcher Bar (3710 30th Ave, Astoria)


The margaritas here are unreal. Ever have a jalapeno margarita? This is the best one in Astoria.

And maybe the planet.

They also have something called the 50/50 Sandwich, which is half brisket, half-pulled pork, and half heaven.

We never said math was our strong suit.

The outdoor seating area only adds to the ambiance, which is upscale casual and perfect for people of all ages.

Come one, come all. And hungry.

Bubby’s (120 Hudson St, Manhattan)


Bubby’s has bacon-wrapped meatloaf.

We repeat. Bubby’s has bacon-wrapped meatloaf.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, there’s plenty more where that came from at this homestyle Tribeca treasure.

Many rave about the “Roman Jewish Fried Artichoke” and lives have been lost fighting over the “Fried Chicken and Pancakes”.

But the main attraction? Why, it’s the pies!

Banofee, Michigan Sour Cherry, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Spring Strawberry Rhubarb, Local Apple — take your pick. They’re all next-level unbelievable.

And, with some prime outdoor seating available, you can enjoy all of these delicacies with a heaping side of fresh air.


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