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The Other Art Fair Returns to Brooklyn 🗽🖼🎟

An art fair right in the heart of Brooklyn!

The Other Art Fair, the U.K.’s leading art fair for discovering emerging artists, will be stopping in Brooklyn next week sharing the works of over 130 artists all handpicked by top art critics.

Here’s a look at some of the artists on display:

Todd Koelmel


A lover of bold solid blocks of colors, Koelmel’s background in graphic design, logos and advertising shines through. His art is meant to quickly catch the viewers attention, aiming to please their subconscious opinions on what things should look like.

 His bold use of color makes it simple to create sunsets and landscapes that are instantly recognizable. This gives his work meaning to him and mass appeal to a wide audience.

Gerry Buxton


Through a combination of digital illustration and traditional screen printing, Buxton’s work appears very striking. 

The contrast of the two different forms is stark when juxtaposed, but both beautiful and appealing. Based in South East London, Buxton has added a few commissions from notable buyers to his resume.

Patty Neal


Obsessed with light, Patty Neal’s oil paintings depict a dark sky and bright characters. Brooklyn is often the subject of her works, with many scenes based on photographs she took. 

However, she plays with the scenery in subtle ways, cutting her photos and replacing certain things until she finds the ideal formation for her intricate pieces.

Peter Sealy


Sealy’s work intends to bridge the gap between what we see and what the camera sees. 

He believes the camera can only capture an instant while we as the viewers are capable of taking in a whole scene in the same amount of time. 

He wants the camera to be able to capture those nuances, such as seeing shapes in clouds or thinking close-knit vegetables appear to be whispering to each other.

Dennis Osadebe

Known best for his bright and expressive works, Osadebe is a Nigerian artist whose works certainly leave a lasting impression. Flattened, over-exaggerated characters certainly stand out but, are even more important given the meaning Osadebe puts behind them. 

Certainly intended to make one think, these pieces are surprisingly beautiful given their simple composition, though they take more time to complete than one might think due to his creative process.

Kristin Hart


Focusing on human interaction with nature, Hart’s photographs tend to have a pinkish tint to them. This gives her piece an almost dreamlike ambiance, as if she is pulling them from another dimension. 

This is also how she is able to express herself through her art, connecting with the world on a peaceful and spiritual level.

With such a huge variety of artists from around the world, it’s hard to believe that the Other Art Fair could contain so much culture, knowledge and physical works in just one space. 

Luckily, they planned ahead and the Brooklyn Expo Center is ready to go. 

Opening November 8th, there are multiple chances to attend. Whether you want to absorb the art or buy it, the Other Art Fair is a special event that is a guaranteed great experience.

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