The Academy Can Eat It: Who Will Win Oscars & What to Eat When It Happens

It's that time, right about that time. You've seen the movies (or not), seen all of the other award shows (ugh, probably), and had intense debates about whether or not a not-so-great musical can really be the first musical since Chicago (an actually good musical) to win best picture. 

Just kidding. Those aren't intense debates... unless you bring up Ryan Gosling's piano skills and whether or not he, a white man in Los Angeles, can actually save Jazz (spoiler alert: apparently that's not the point of the movie). 

FoodKick, the undoubtedly dope younger sister of FreshDirect, is saving us from no-food ‘Oh, shit!’ crisis by delivering fresh food, cold booze*, and essentially everything we could ever want or need right to our apartments in as little as an hour. 

At last, this Sunday night is the Oscars! WOO! THE LAST AWARDS SHOW OF ALL TIME EVER! (Or at least this season).

And what better way to venture through the epic hours-long ceremony than with an immaculate spread of food & booze? Uhhhhh... none. So this weekend, we're hittin' up our buds at FoodKick. 

FoodKick, the undoubtedly dope younger sister of FreshDirect, is saving us from no-food ‘Oh, shit!’ crisis by delivering fresh food, cold booze*, and essentially everything we could ever want or need right to our apartments in as little as an hour. 

Not sure what to eat for an epic Oscar's bash? Puns and metaphors are basically the heart and soul of anything good in life, so we've paired the best food with a nominee (with a few slightly bold predictions thrown in the mix).

Best Original Song 


Prediction: "How Far I'll Go" Moana 

Pairs well with: Montauk Black Sail Rum

No matter how shy you are, you totally can't help wanting to sing along with all of the nominated original song performances at the Oscars, and nothin’ gets us ready for karaoke like a little liquid courage! 

You can order Wine and Spirits and Beer (oh my!) on FoodKick! In the spirit of Moana, we recommend FoodKick-ing all the ingredients you need to make a Blue Hawaiian cocktail, because who doesn't love a good theme?! Nobody we're drinking with, that's who! 

Of course, if you're super salty that none of the *three* La La Land songs won, straight up rum works just as well! 

Best Animated Film


Prediction: Zootopia  

Pairs well with: OddFellows Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

You scream, I scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM! 

Embrace your inner little kid with ice cream straight outta Tundratown! Scoop up faves like OddFellows Cookies & Cream (because nothing quite embodies the harmony between predators and prey quite like C&C). 

Best Original Screenplay 

Prediction: Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester By The Sea

Pairs well with: Local Wild Sea Bass

We’re predicting Lonergan's salty and sad masterpiece is going to take home best original screenplay, so why not embrace the coastal vibe of Manchester By the Sea by cookin' up some locally caught wild black sea bass.  

Sear 'em over high heat for extra crispy skin, but this catch is good no matter how you cook 'em.

Best Supporting Actor 


Prediction: Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Pairs well with: Fruits & Veggies

Can we just say, Mahershala Ali is not only crazy talented and gives an incredible performance in Moonlight, but he's also FOINE? Can we say that? Is that okay? 

Okay, so if that's too superficial, let's talk about the underrated finally getting the recognition they deserve. Granted, Ali hasn't been in a ton of movies. He's mostly been on TV—a lot of it... meh. Kinda like how you feel about veggies before you realized in your mid-20s that, "Oh, that's super important." 

 That's like realizing, "Oh, he was good in Place Beyond the Pines, Hunger Games, and House of Cards—damn, he's been good in a lot! Why haven't we seen him in more?!" 

Good question. FoodKick's got the same state of mind when it comes to produce—especially when it comes to freshness. Freshness is like going from The 4400 to House of Cards. It's like going from an indie darling to that Golden Globe Best Motion Picture in a Drama win. 

It's like going from canned spinach to fresh spinach from Ocean Mist Farms, going from stupidly overpriced unripe avocados to ready-to-eat Hass avocados, from sad lettuce heads to insanely delicious Baby Butterhead lettuce from Gotham Greens, or gross, wilted kale to organic Lacinato Kale. Boom. Transformative. 

Best Supporting Actress 

Prediction: Viola Davis, Fences

Pairs well with: Appetizers 

Make it your own way like Viola Davis. Like, we're trying to find someone as badass as her, but we're struggling. 

These days, you can’t have a good movie without Viola Davis, and you can’t have an Oscar watching party without APPS. Just like all the lovely nominated supporting actresses, there are so many different kinds of apps you can buy on FoodKick to support the meal!

Pigs in a blanket? Check. Shrimp cocktail? Check. Blazin' Hot wings? Check. Chicken and Lemongrass Dumplings with Hoisin Sauce? CHECK. MATE.

Best Foreign Film


Prediction: Toni Erdmann

Pairs well with: Not Your Father's Root Beer

This Austrian-German flick about an eccentric dad and his stressed out executive daughter is so good, it's already set to get a Hollywood remake because... yeah, that's one of two things Hollywood's really good about doing without being exactly good at it: making movies that celebrate Hollywood or remaking recent foreign films. 

We have it on good authority that it's gonna win, so to celebrate its Austrian-German roots, you should totally get some German beers from FoodKick and throw an early Oktoberfest. 

Just kidding. Don't go the Oktoberfest route. Go to the grown-up childhood favorite with Small Town Brewery's epically delicious Not Your Father's Root Beer. Eccentric father figure + stressed out daughter = Need. Lots. Of. Beer. 

They've got a huge selection of imported, domestic, and local NY beers, plus ciders and variety packs, so you'll be able to stock your cooler for everyone. Just head over to FoodKick and in a couple of taps, cold beer will be on its way to your door.

Best Actress


Prediction: Isabelle Hubert, Elle

Pairs well with: Macarons

Our pick for best actress is France's Isabelle Hubert, and what’s more French than a spread of delicious pastries?! Especially macarons from NYC's MacarOn Café?!

One bite of this delicious assortment, and soon you’ll be saying Ooh La La so much that subtitles will appear everywhere you go. Très bon, c’est une idée merveilleuse!

Best Actor


Prediction: Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

Pairs well with: whatever Denzel's having... or Chicken Parmesan

The lead of the meal is the lead of the movies and just like a sexy leading man, who doesn’t love a sexy chicken parm? Mmmm tasty. 

Okay, so it's not exactly sexy (and jury's still out on Casey Affleck tbh), but hell, it's delicious. 

Also, if Casey Affleck's Golden Globe acceptance speech was any indication, he needs help with a lot of things... like, maybe a prepared speech that doesn't rely on a last-second paraphrase of something Denzel said a few years before. 

offers tons of easy to make complete meals, from Mac & Cheese to Chicken Parm—basically everything you need if you're like Casey Affleck's character and just a little too depressed to make dinner for your nephew.

Best Director


Prediction: Damien Chazelle, La La Land

Pairs well with: Roberta's Wood-Fired Baby Sinclair Pizza

A good director is a people pleaser and what is more people pleasing than pizza?! A good director also has to be in charge of many different working parts and a good pizza has to have lots of different yummy toppings.

Also pizza is kind of a basic crowd pleaser, just like
La La Land. Oh, and confused why we'd pair a movie about Los Angeles, a city that doesn't know diddly about pizza, with an iconic Brooklyn pizza? Well, we're confused by what the actual point of this movie was.

Like, we get it. Dreamers. LA. Movies. Jazz. Magic things completely undermined by this whole "this is what could have happened" thing at the end. Like, WTF?

Best Picture 


Prediction: La La Land

Pairs well with: Brooklyn Blackout Doughnuts from Doughnut Plant

Look, we’re not saying we think
La La Land deserves to win, we just think it probably will. And speaking of overly sugary sweet, colorful things, doughnuts would go perfectly with this movie! 

You can get mouth-watering, sugar-packed Doughnut Plant doughnuts on FoodKick, to provide you the perfect happy ending to your Oscar Party evening. And yes, even you can sing as well as Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone with a
Brooklyn Blackout Doughnut in your mouth—especially if you choke a little. 

Also, just like Ryan Gosling, Doughnuts can’t save jazz. #sorrynotsorry.

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