An Open Letter to My Refrigerator

To you, my greatest love, my truest friend; my confidante, my muse, my forever reliable companion on this crazy journey called life—to you, my refrigerator, I owe you so much.

When life is rich in the moments worth celebrating, commemorating, sharing—of these, there are many—it is to you I come.

FoodKick, the undoubtedly dope younger sister of FreshDirect, is saving us from no-food ‘Oh, shit!’ crisis by delivering fresh food, cold booze*, and essentially everything we could ever want or need right to our apartments in as little as an hour. 

When life is hard, endlessly, relentlessly, incomprehensibly, or otherwise—and of these, there are many more—it is to you that I come seeking sanctuary from this stress. Sanctuary. Warmth. Love, even. 

Well, I’ve met someone (no, not like that). I’ve met someone for us (no, not like that either).

Her name is FoodKick.

I’m sure you've noticed too, but there’s an imbalance. You complete me in the ways that I desperately need, yet I am at a loss for treating you with any grace at all.

You’re empty. Literally.

And believe me, it hurts me to do this, but I—we can’t go on living like this. I need help, and I need to help you, and I need help to help you—everything I do now is for you, and for us, and for our family (among whom I am blessed to include you).

FoodKick. A friend. Helping when needed. There in nearly a moment's notice. 

You might know her big sister, FreshDirect. She's been filling fridges for many years now. And FoodKick has learned all the family secrets, including a new trick–bringing over fresh food and cold booze in as little as an hour.

via Flickr | Rich Anderson

So, refrigerator, say goodbye to Chinese takeout and sad, rotten produce. Say goodbye to massive pizza boxes, soggy cardboard, and the suspiciously smelly leftover pad thai.

Goodbyes are hard.

Don't cry. FoodKick is here to save us. 

She' got fresh produce, grass-fed beef, farm fresh eggs and poultry — do you even know what that feels like?!

And beer! I can choose your favorite craft brews and place 'em in a 6-pack. 

Just for you.

I told you I would carry you as you have carried me, but I am one person. The world is so big—you are so big, and I am so very small. 

I need help. You need help—we need help. 

So, I've found help. 

via Kestas Venzlauskas | Flickr

We need to change. Spice things up. 

You're at your best when you're full of fresh produce and ice cold beer. I'm at my best when I'm not hangry.  

I think we can get back to that. No—I know that we can. 

But I also know that we cannot do it alone. 

And with FoodKick, we don't have to. 

So, open yourself up to this great new adventure in our life together. Literally. 

I love you. And FoodKick will love you, too.

Head over to FoodKick or Download the FoodKick App for iPhone or Android

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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