There's a $250 Million "Trophy" Apartment Going Up for Sale Overlooking Central Park | spoiled NYC
New York City apartments are now being sold as trophies.

We have seen in the past some outrageous apartments. Like the 90-square-foot apartment in the West Village that goes for $775 a month. Now, a new apartment looks to be the complete opposite of that "humble" little home.

A 23,000-square-foot, four-story apartment at One57, the new apartment skyscraper overlooking Central Park, is projected to go for $250 million.
One57 is no stranger to outrageously expensive apartments. Last year one was sold at $100 million but that looks like chump change compared to this behemoth that was just unveiled.

So, what does a $250 million apartment get you?

How about 16 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, five balconies and huge terrace. That is gonna be one sick house-warming party.

With the average cost of NYC apartments going for over $2 million and the cost for living "comfortably" set at $158,000 it seems like insanity that anyone would purchase these overly lavish apartments.

This is the newest trend in luxury living if the people who own these property really do live there. Some are saying the people who are purchasing these apartments view them as "trophies" or a clever way to keep a fortune.


What these apartments do is attract people from all over the world. They see New York City has an investment that will pay off in countless ways. This is something New York City has been doing since its genesis but do we really want our home to be seen as a trophy?

Living in New York City shouldn't be seen as something on a shelf, glimmering high above the rest. It should be able to be done by anyone who wants to truly experience this city for all that it has.

To put it bluntly. Simply because you own someplace here does not mean you are truly living here.

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