A beacon of love and hope, that's what 1 WTC has become to many New Yorkers; a reminder of where we were, where we are, and where we're going. 

Another senseless tragedy has struck our nation and we are still trying to make sense of it all. By now, we are sure you have heard of the awful shooting that took place at the Orlando nightclub, Pulse, early Sunday morning.

49 people lost their lives and 53 were wounded when a gunman opened fire in a popular gay nightclub. It is now the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history (somehow neglecting the Wounded Knee massacre of 1890) and has been labeled as an act of domestic terrorism.

What happened that night will never be forgotten. Our wounds are still fresh, but they will mend and we, as a nation, will recover. 

In New York City, we are already pouring our hearts out to the victims and their families, and we will continue to do so.

Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered that the spire on top of 1 World Trade Center be lit in the colors of the rainbow flag to mourn the victims of the horrific event.

The official statement from the Governor's office reads, "New York stands in solidarity with the LGBT community and mourns the loss of the Americans whose lives were cut short by this senseless act of violence."

Earlier that day, Cuomo was also commented on the attack saying, "From Stonewall to marriage equality to protecting transgender individuals to the first-in-the nation executive action to ban conversion therapy, New York has led the way in the fight for LGBT rights. In this state, we believe that no matter your race, creed, color, gender identity or expression you have the right live your life free from persecution and prejudice."


The governor's office is also telling New York law enforcement to "remain vigilant in the wake of this senseless attack" and has increased security at "high-profile locations across the state."

The spire being lit with the colors of the rainbow flag is a reminder that we will make it through this tragedy; that we will not tolerate these senseless acts of violence on anyone, and that these tragedies affect all walks of life.

Living in New York City, a city that has seen so much tragedy, let us extend our arms to the families of the victims; to show strength, compassion and the knowledge that we will overcome this.



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