The spookiest time of the year is very quickly approaching, and it wouldn't be Halloween in the city without a visit to a haunted house.  

And why not choose a haunted house with the best view?! 

You have ONE week to get to the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum, where a replica of the Bates residence is on display.

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's horror movie classic, Psycho, the exhibit was designed by British artist and Turner Prize nominee, Cornelia Parker.  

Parker designed the psycho barn to stand at a whopping 30-feet-high and have amazing views of Central Park and the skyline.

As reported by Time Out, the museum is open until 5:30 on most days, but to get the full, spooky, cringing effect, you should go on either Friday or Saturday when the Met stays open till 9 p.m.

The exhibit has called the Met its home since April.  


Appropriately enough, the exhibit will be closing it's doors (even though you can't go inside) on October 31st, 2016. 


Hurry up, and get your tickets, and Happy Halloween NYC.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy The Quadrangle]