You might want to get those ‘Gram pics in while you can.

The Manhattan skyline as we know it will soon be history. Several behemoth buildings are in the works, and after some delays, one has picked up the pace.

One Vanderbilt has begun its ascension towards towering over NYC.

Well, sort of. 

Curbed reports that developer SL Green recently began excavating the site, located at 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue, but it’s basically a blank space, baby. (Editor’s Note: No more Taylor Swift jokes, Nick. One is one too many.)

SL Green had to put the brakes on construction when the owner of Grand Central Terminal, Andrew S. Penson was all like Imma sue you and Imma sue this city.

Which we can kind of understand, because a building that’s over 14,000 feet tall, that could kind of devalue the air rights. We didn’t even know air rights were a thing in NYC, and yet it totally makes sense.

But Penson’s case was dismissed recently, so One Vanderbilt has been chuggin’ right along. They’ve even been super-active on Twitter and Instagram, uploading tons of pics to keep everybody updated on construction.

Which is….considerate? We think it’s considerate.

Check out the pics.







[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]