Did You Nearly One-Third of NYC Is Not Patrolled By the Closest Precinct House? | spoiled NYC

We all want to feel safe, right? We put a lot of faith in the NYPD, and for the most part besides a few glaring exceptions (read: Eric Garner), the NYPD proves itself worthy of this faith.

So when we heard the news that almost one third of New York City isn't patrolled by the closest precinct, we were bummed about the obvious flaw in those logistics.

It turns out 28% of New Yorkers' neighborhoods aren't patrolled by officers from the closest precinct house.

The map below, created by Ben Wellington of I Quant NY, shows which parts of NYC are covered by the closest precinct house in red. The current precinct boundaries are outlined in black.

The boundaries in white, however, would be a preferable, logical change, and would make it so each part of the city would be patrolled by its closest precinct house.


After analysis of the data, it was found that Manhattan has the lowest percentage of closest coverage in the five boroughs. Less than two thirds of the island is covered by the closest precinct house.

Why are NYPD officers patrolling neighborhoods that are not closest to their precinct? 

We're not sure, but we think they should check out their map, and make the necessary alterations to their service. Wouldn't that make more sense for everyone? 


Via Ben Wellington / I Quant NY

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[via I Quant NY]