Hey Olive Garden, you're really jacking up the price on New Year's Eve, aren't you?

We don't think Olive Garden is evil or the demise of NYC or anything, we just think there are millions of other, better Italian restaurants in the city. We think one of Olive Garden's main merits is that it doesn't cost that much-- even though its flagship New York City location is in hell, also known as Times Square.

Now, though, Olive Garden is charging $400 for New Year's Eve dinner and we've got to ask the question we're so dying to have answered.

Who do they think they are?

Here's what we have to say about Times Square's Olive Garden: no, it's not the worst restaurant in the world. In fact, it's actually quasi-decent if you want conveyor belt, Americanized Italian food that'll make your stomach swell.

We mean, come on. They have endless breadsticks. Everyone's pants are tighter when they leave Olive Garden.

Plus, yeah, New Year's Eve in Times Square has its merits. It's the most high-profile New Year's Eve event in the country, drawing more than one million in-person viewers, and billions of viewers worldwide.

The performance schedule was just announced, and includes performances by Daya, Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth, Jessie J, Demi Lovato, and Luke Bryan. Bill Nye is involved too. Like we said, to each their own. 


Of course, it also has its drawbacks. The major two being that it's usually freezing, and that there are no bathrooms expressly available for people there to see the ball drop. Revelers have to scavenge for access to public bathrooms in the square, or risk going in public. 

So, we can see why dining at a Times Square restaurant would be somewhat appealing. We can even see why dining at Olive Garden would be halfway appealing, if Olive Garden weren't slapping New Yorkers and tourists alike with their exorbitant $400/person fee.

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Oh, also, that $400 doesn't include a guaranteed view of the ball drop, just in case you were wondering.

It does include a DJ, open bar, and buffet-- but we're still unimpressed. "It's a limited view," Olive Garden's Times Square manager told the New York Post.

At least Olive Garden is far from alone in their pricy arrogance. Bubba Gump Shrimp is charging $799 for the night, and Ruby Tuesday is charging between $349 and $1,699-- with no view of the ball drop. (Ridiculous, we know.) 

There are tons, we mean tons, of delicious, authentic Italian restaurants in the city. Restaurants who will put their heart and time into preparing your food. We've got tons of restaurants that will be genuinely concerned about whether you're having a good New Year's Eve.

That will not be the case at Olive Garden.

Here's our take on the situation. If you really want to dine at Olive Garden on New Year's Eve, get out of the city to do it. Or, if you really want to eat a good dish of pasta on New Year's Eve, try our recommendations right here

We kinda know what we're talking about when it comes to food. Just trust us on this one. 

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