Our lives were rocked by the death of our beloved Starman, David Bowie, when he passed away on January 10th after a year-and-a-half battle with cancer.

New Yorkers responded as you'd expect New Yorkers would: flocking to Bowie's home on Lafayette Street in SoHo by the hundreds, leaving candles and flowers and cards at Bowie's doorstep.

Our grief was only slightly soothed by the gift Bowie left behind; one last goodbye, his final album, Blackstar, released on January 8th. 

The album is a revelation, and it's already hit the top spot on iTunes in 69 countries. 

Now, we can seek even further solace in the creation of a brand new holiday: David Bowie Day. According to the David Bowie Facebook page, Mayor Bill de Blasio officially proclaimed yesterday, January 20th 2016, as David Bowie Day.

It was written up as an official document, and signed by Mayor de Blasio.


The proclamation was read last night at the curtain call of the final performance of the sold-out Lazarus, the New York Theater Workshop production co-created by Bowie and Enda Walsh.

The announcement was accepted by the New York Theater Workshop's Managing Director, Jeremy Blocker. 

We're not the only ones who have instated a symbolic remembrance for the singer who did so much; who, as he set out to do, proved the sustaining power of music. 

hallootjepootje ❤ Everyday is a Bowieday to me. But now there's an official one... #DavidBowieDay #DavidBowie #peaceonearth

Chicago declared September 23rd official David Bowie Day in Chicago.

We can't wait for David Bowie Day next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. We're going to blast "Rebel Rebel" and run down the street screaming, "We don't know where we're going, but we promise it won't be boring."

Thank you Mayor de Blasio, for acknowledging the legacy of a star-- an instant star, who just needs water and stirring.

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[via David Bowie Facebook Page] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]